I'm Anthony Corletti. I build software, products, systems, and startups and am passionate about cloud computing and music.

In my free time, I’m usually working out, trying to be a music producer, or checking out the local food scene.

I’ll be posting a bunch of things I learn and think about on this site. I hope you enjoy reading and find something that helps you build your next project or company.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me via email or through other avenues of the internet;

  • github @anthcor. Building cool things.

  • To hear what I’m listening to, visit my Spotify and Soundcloud.

  • twitter @anthcor. I tweet about the tech scene, music, software, startups, cloud computing, Pittsburgh, and generally awesome stuff. 99% positive vibes, 1% complaining.

  • instagram @anthcor. I love black and white photography, so I post it. Awesome songs and funny things via stories.

  • For professional inquiries, find me on Angel List, LinkedIn, and Techstars Connect if you’re a Techstars alumni. But really just email me and I’ll respond much faster.

Cheers 🍻