September 22, 2023
Hours Per Week

I don't think you can measure culture by the number of hours that go into the week.

You can spend over eighty hours per week, and work on weekends, with a feeling of extreme fulfillment and energy. Other times, you can spend less than thirty hours working, feeling burnt out and stressed.

The point isn't the number of hours, it's what goes into them.

This might seem obvious. What's less obvious, however, is how the culture of your company determines what goes into those hours. How your team communicates, how are decisions made, are tasks being effectively executed, how does the company socialize, are individuals taking time to rest? All of this and more determines the quality of time spent building something to impact the lives of those you seek to change.

The level of harmony in your stakeholder value chain is a great indicator of culture health.


Who does the work?

Who bears the consequences?

Who reaps the rewards?

When incentives are aligned, it's the same people.