November 11, 2022
Industry or opportunity?

When we think about the work that we do, we can think about it as if we are participating in an industry; and what industry wants is replication, efficiency, and consistency.

Industry wants to pay people the smallest possible amount.

When our work becomes an opportunity, however, we get to be artists. We get show up and ask; What can I create here?

When our work becomes an opportunity, it becomes something we get to do, not something we have to do.

Industry has worked really hard over the past century to encourage humans to not bring themselves to work fully. To not make themselves a difficult to replace team member, but to be a cog in a machine. Industry is about depersonalizing things in pursuit of efficiency.

So what about calling it the opportunity instead of the industry?


Well, consider this, what's the difference between a $10 and a $1000 customer? One is coming back for more.


Because they like to know they were treated specially.

So how do we do that?

Tell your employees that we're here to help you have a better day, not one you can tolerate. We're here to give you more agency, independence, and decisions, not fewer.

Your employees need to understand and believe that the system they are participating in is aligned to them and how they want to grow as individuals, and not only to increase short term profits.

If you can build a team that would miss each other, who show up everyday and share a little bit about what makes them special, that team is much more likely to stick around and bring their full selves to connect with the people you seek to serve.

Human beings are tuned into the idea of being cared for and valued. It is easy to identify a lack of effort.

If people are going to put in time and money to get something, they don't just want a product, they want humanity, dignity, appreciation, and that special feeling of being delighted.

The people who show up to make customers feel special want a chance to make things better by making better things, to be a participant in the unfolding of a scene that delights the audience, and to be missed if they were gone. To seize the opportunity to make something that matters for someone who cares.

🎶 🤖

Credits: This is a somewhat accurate log of Seth Godin's rant on this Akimbo podcast. I particularly love this because of how well it applies to the music "industry" so I wanted to document it. Cheers!