September 29, 2022
Show Me How

A team of engineers is building a bridge. They have a very important and shared mission; to build the best bridge that they can.

One day, when considering how significant temperature change will affect the bridge's stress levels, one engineer decides to run a simulation to see how the bridge will respond.

When presenting her work to the team, one of the other engineers says, "This doesn't feel right ..."

"This doesn't feel right ..."

The engineer reviews her work and plans with the team. The math checks out, she's considered the economical impact of repairs, calculated when is best to run checks on the structural integrity of the bridge, and she's even considered the impact of the bridge's upkeep on the environment.

"This doesn't feel right ..."

This is engineering. The work doesn't feel one way or the other.

If we show someone how to build a better bridge and someone says that it doesn't feel right – that's nonsense. Someone should ask, show me how, instead.

It's fine if the "how" does not meet your standards. It's good to raise the bar, and it's also good to be realistic, and it's very good to acknowledge that there are many ways to build a bridge – and that someone else can do a better job with you.

If something doesn't feel right, seek to understand how.