September 15, 2021
Work and Ownership

What was the last project or business you owned?

What did developing that project or business mean for you, for those who helped you build it, for your own learning and self improvement?

Did it matter if you owned it?

Did owning two percent or twenty percent of the company really count?

Did having the word Founder, Co-Founder, or Lead on your LinkedIn job title make a difference for your customers and clients?

For the people you were doing something for, does it really matter how much you own or how much you do?

Because you can own something and not make a difference for your users, customers, employees, and shareholders.

You can own a solution without a problem. A notion without a medium. You can own and be incompetent. You can own – and hide.

It is another thing to show up, build, ship, and iterate. To do the challenging work, and create value for someone else. Making a way of life that was better than before.

The "Founder" in an organization takes many shapes, forms, and definitions. What matters is realizing that we have an opportunity to make a difference to grow, learn, and forge something that hasn't existed before for someone who needs it.