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Quality of Work

What you do.

Who you do it with.

How you do it.

Are way more important than just how hard you work.

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Giving & Growth

I’ve been thinking a lot about the fundamentals of work, life balance lately.

The relationship between work and life is blurred when a company is small. I mean really small.

A small startup of just a few founders or even a single founder are synonymous to the company. Almost all individual interests are engrained into the culture, work ethic, and product.

As people change and grow in small companies, the company will change the same as it’s members. A small company is only a function of the people inside it. Team is everything.

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Agreeing to Disagree

Ever since a professional mentor asked me this question a few years ago, I have asked it to almost everyone I’ve met; to old friends and new.

What is something that you think is true that most people disagree with you about?

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