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How DNS Works

It’s easy to take for granted the ability to type into a web browser, press Enter, and be served a powerful search engine.

The DNS, or Domain Name System, is mostly responsible for getting that data from somewhere on earth to your screen.

So how does it work?

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Fullstack Kubernetes

I’ve often wondered what it would be like if all software applications (databases, APIs, UI clients, pubsub, secret managers, etc) ran on the same infrastructure, so I’d never have to worry about working with different infrastructure patterns e.g. CDNs, Kubernetes, VMs, Functions, the one off PaaS or BaaS everyone forgot about, load balanced, multi-region, auto-scaling groups, etc!

I wanted; a familiar frontend, a lightweight and unopinionated API layer that plays nice with top data science software and can also be made available as a standalone service, a data layer with a natively distributed design, high fidelity pubsub (ideally with some delivery guarantee), and a secrets manager – all to run together on a kubernetes cluster.

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